Dana White Names Jon Jones as "Undeniable" MMA GOAT

March 27, 2024

Athlete Studio

Debates among MMA enthusiasts about the greatest fighter of all time may persist, but for Dana White, there's no ambiguity.

As the UFC CEO, White has witnessed numerous talents grace the Octagon, yet only a select few have left a legacy synonymous with 'GOAT' status. Former champions like Demetrious Johnson, Georges St-Pierre, and Anderson Silva exemplify this, boasting impressive records of consecutive title defenses and a plethora of accolades throughout their illustrious careers.

However, White contends that MMA's 'Mount Rushmore' would be incomplete without Jon Jones, a two-division UFC Champion, who he unequivocally regards as the 'greatest of all time'.

Reflecting on Jones' unparalleled achievements, White emphasized, "He’s never been beat...Nobody can debate who’s the greatest of all time. It’s absolutely positively Jon Jones."

Jones, now 37, boasts an impressive record of 27-1, with his lone setback stemming from a disqualification in 2009 for illegal elbows against Matt Hamill. Since then, Jones has remained unbeaten, capturing the UFC light heavyweight title at a record-breaking age of 23 and retaining it for years.

Transitioning to the heavyweight division, Jones clinched the title in 2021 with a swift submission victory over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. White commended Jones' longevity and dominance, highlighting his ability to withstand challenges from emerging talents and evolve with the sport's changing landscape.

Recalling Jones' memorable bout against Alexander Gustafsson, White noted how the challenger pushed Jones to his limits, a testament to Jones' resilience and determination to emerge victorious.

Even formidable opponents like Daniel Cormier, a two-division champion, couldn't dethrone Jones, further solidifying his status as the GOAT.

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